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Practicing law in California with specialty in Orange County and surrounding areas.

  • Consumer debt collection
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  • Judgment buying and selling
  • Debt buying and selling
  • FDCPA consulting and defense
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Law office of D. Scott Carruthers

California's Premier debt collection lawyer started his practice more than 40 years ago in the same office building that he occupies today.

Since opening his doors Scott Carruthers has represented clients from all corners of the Accounts Receivables world such as: banks, retailers, auto lenders, third-party collection agencies, debt buyers, landlords and any other type of creditor imaginable. Many of those clients are top-tier companies at the forefront of their industries.

With experience in both consumer and commercial collections there is practically no area of debt collection that Scott is not an expert on.

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We offer flexible rates from pure contingency to hourly, a monthly retainer, or a combination of all. We accept both consumer and commercial assignments.

Our collection programs include letter series, traditional telephone efforts, skip tracing and a full legal campaign taking your bad accounts from the filing of a lawsuit to enforcing the judgment.

We are comfortable with a wide variety of clients and offer non-collection related legal services and litigation as well.

Don't have accounts to assign, but you have a lot of legal questions?

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